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2023 Love Horoscopes + Predictions

Hey everyone, I'm so excited to get started on this year's 2023 love horoscopes! With a lot of movement of the outer planets (including Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter), 2023 is bound to bring opportunities for big shifts in love and in all aspects of life.

But, of course, we're focused on love here. And by that I mean anything that has to do with snuggling, kissing, marriages, separations, new partnerships, finding "the one", or simply spending some fun time with "the one for tonight" are all acceptable here.

Pro tip from an astrologer: Always make sure to look up your sun sign and your rising sign. (And if you don't know your rising sign, you can always get a birth chart reading with me to find out!)

Additionally, if you're hoping for 2023 predictions that are a little more personal, don't hesitate to check out a 12-month birth chart reading. Without further ado, let's get started!


The very first thing to hit you this year, Aries, is when Mars turns direct on January 12 (finally!) in Gemini in your 3rd House of communication. Mars has been retrograde since October 30 of last year (yeah, it's been a while). And because Mars is the planet of motivation, energy, passion, and... well, let's face it... sex, things have been mighty slow in your area of chatter. Since Halloween, you may have felt less energy to put yourself out there, embrace witty banter at the bar, message someone on the apps, or tell someone how you really feel. But now, you'll finally have that motivation!

There's a full moon in Leo on February 5—all occurring in your 5th House of fun, sex, and dating! Now, full moons mean "endings". And we're seeing an ending in fun or cavalier experiences. If you're dating, you will likely end things with someone you don't see a future with. If you're in a relationship, you may "get serious" about what your relationship needs to succeed.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, is making a connection to the sun, the planet of ego, on April 11 in your 1st House of identity. You'll feel big and bold today, since Jupiter brings the "extra" out of us all. But more than that, you're likely to be very lucky today in dating, since it's occurring in your 1st House of personality. Go on a first date and make things happen!

As Venus in Leo makes an opposition to Pluto in Aquarius on June 5, your Houses of friendships and flirtation are lighting up. Pluto can represent power, but it can also represent sexual tension. I see a "friend" becoming a little more than that here in June.

This is a big one for all signs! Venus will be retrograde in Leo from July 23 through September 4. In your case, Venus will transit your 5th House of sex and dating. If you're single, you may want to slow your roll here—as anyone you meet may bring more of a love lesson than a love partnership. (Tip: Meeting someone during Venus retrograde doesn't usually turn out well!) In a partnership, Venus retrograde can encourage you and your partner to talk about new ways to have fun together. How can you be kids again?

The new moon solar eclipse in Libra on October 14 will be a big one for love! Eclipses act as fate pushers. They bring up things that are meant to be in our lives or meant to leave them. Since new moons are very much about new beginnings, a "fated meeting" could occur between you and another person. This could spark a brand-new relationship! (Definitely get an eclipse reading for this one.)


On March 3, the planet of love, Venus, is connecting with the asteroid of childhood wounds, Chiron in the sign of Aries. If there's anything that points out issues with love languages, it would be this transit! And since this is happening in your 12th House of self-sabotage, it may be a time to look at where you could give (and receive) more love in your partnerships. How are YOU (since we're talking about Aries) being made to feel unnoticed or overlooked?

There's a Virgo full moon on March 7, occurring in your 5th House of dating, which is likely to make you want to end certain flings that are just not working for you. Virgo takes no shit, I think we can all agree. And full moons bring endings. So, a connection to someone in your dating pool is about to end.

Well, on April 21, Mercury turns retrograde again and it does so in your sign, Taurus. Not only does this set you up for some speech mishaps, but you may actually find yourself running into ghosts from dating past. Someone may slide into your DMs or you could get a text from an ex. Take things slow and don't make any sudden moves.

On May 5, the full moon lunar eclipse appears in the sky in tough Scorpio. Scorpio is part of the "death" side of the Scorpio/Taurus axis. It's about letting go, not about creating more. Full moon lunar eclipses can bring abrupt endings, and it's happening in your 7th House of long-term partnerships. Well, a breakup could be on the horizon. But not for everyone! If your relationship is strong, it will survive. But something in that relationship will have to be released in order to move forward.

On August 23, Mercury will turn retrograde in Virgo until September 15. Since it's occurring in your 5th House of dating, you better believe that some texts (or sexts) will be sent to the wrong people. This is the time when pet names are mixed up or accidental ghosting occurs. Just try to go with the flow. If you meet someone during this time, try to wait until after the retrograde to really put feelers out there for them.

A super sexy day for experimenting in the bedroom or for going on a romantic date will be November 17, when Mars and the sun meet up in the sky in your 7th House of love and romance. This is the time to put the love goggles on and just ~vibe~.


So, it's finally here. Finally, Mars will turn direct on January 12—when it's been retrograde in your sign since October 30 of last year. Because the planet of motivation, passion, and sex has been targeting you, you may have had little motivation to do much of anything really. There's no sense in working out, or doing well at your job, or just going out for a walk. This has been a really lethargic time for you. And it's definitely affected your love life too (Mars is the planet of sex, after all!). So, when it turns direct mid-January, you'll probably feel completely re-energized to date again or to jump in bed with your significant other.

On February 5, Venus (planet of love) in Pisces will make a sharp square to Mars (planet of sex) in your sign. Whenever this happens, there's always tension between what we want and what we can actually achieve. With this occurring in your 10th House of career and your 1st House of self, it's likely that work is getting in the way of love and sex right now. If you're partnered, wait a little longer before forcing it. If you're dating, however, it might be a good time to get some energy out and just go with the flow!

On July 23, Venus will turn retrograde in Leo in your 3rd House of communication. It's possible that communication between those you are dating or your partner will flounder. Don't expect things to be easy here. Fights (particularly about communication) or miscommunications may happen in partnership.

As the new moon solar eclipse in Libra occurs on October 14, it's also highlighting your 5th House of dating, sex, and fun. Eclipses are fate catalysts. They bring to light what is needed at that time. New moons are all about new beginnings. So, if you're single, you could meet someone very special to you! If you're partnered, a good conversation about how to treat one another as equals is likely to happen.

There is a Mercury retrograde occurring in your 7th House from December 23 through to the New Year. While the Mercury retrograde actually starts on December 12, it won't be hitting your House of partnership until December 23. It's possible that an ex can come back in your life just to wish you "happy holidays" or you may feel very nostalgic about love at this time. Don't let it get you down! If you're single, remember that love is on the way. If you're in a relationship, this retrograde may make it more difficult for you two to communicate during the holidays. There may even be a mishap that causes delays in your ability to see or spend time with one another.

On December 28, Mars in Sagittarius will make a square to Neptune in Pisces—which occurs in your 7th House of partnership and 10th House of career. There may be a tendency to overlook deadlines right now in the name of love!


Opportunity for to redefine your relationship in the bedroom occurs on February 16, when the sun and Saturn meet in the sky in your 8th House of sex and secrets. Role play and fun-but-safe power dynamics are a good way to go. Now, Saturn may not seem all that "fun", and that's because he's really not. He's all about rules, regulations, and structure. But because Saturn is so serious, this is also a great time to solidify your relationship this Valentine's Day season. Get engaged, demand a label, ask someone out.

Venus, planet of love, is linking up with the North Node of fate in your sign on March 21. The Nodes of the moon bring about fated events. And because we're talking about the Nodes of your ruling planet, the moon, they hit you on an entirely different level. Now, the North Node is about our karmic future... what's to come, how it will come, and what our purpose is. Since it's coming together with the love planet, it's possible that a fateful meeting could happen today. You could honestly meet "the one".

On March 25, Mars, planet of action... and sex, will enter your sign! This gives you the ultimate sex drive to make things happen in the bedroom. Not only that, but you'll feel confident doing it too.

Watch out on May 5, because the full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio is highlighting your 5th House of dating, sex, and fun. Something is about to end here in regards to your dating scene. Scorpio doesn't like fluff. This sign is only about truth and authenticity. So, it could be that you cut someone out of your life who just isn't filling your love tank. Say "goodbye" to mindless flings and so-so friends!

On June 5, Venus in your 2nd House of worth and value is opposite Pluto in your 8th House of sex and other people's money. Now, this could indicate a number of things. On a basic level, it suggests that there may be some money issues with an outside source here. Pluto is all about power and it's occupying the 8th House of loans, contracts, and bills. So, you may have a stark realization that you're spending too much or that a company has taken advantage of you. In terms of love, this could give you an opportunity to rule in the bedroom. You're feeling sexy today—own it!

Finally, on November 17, the planet of sex (Mars) and the planet of confidence and identity (Sun) link up in sexy Scorpio. And guess what? It's all going down in your 5th House of sex, fun, and flirtation. LIVE THIS UP. Your sex appeal is untouchable.


On January 21, we're getting a new moon in the sign of Aquarius. Typically, this brings out the fun and unique sides of us—where we are rewarded with new opportunities because of our unique attributes. You, Leo, love to be noticed for your specialness. So, when this new moon falls in your 7th House of long-term partnerships, someone is making it known how special you are. This is a time for new chapters in your relationship.

Another new moon hits on February 20, except this new moon in Pisces is going to hit your 8th House of sex and secrets. It's a sign to crawl under the sheets with your partner and see what kind of mischief you two can get into. Make it fun, but also make it intuitive (Pisces likes intuition!).

Your sex life—as well as your financials—are about to get a whole lot more serious on March 7, when Saturn enters Pisces. This is a major transit, folks, because Saturn has been in Aquarius since December 17, 2020. Saturn is about restrictions, fears, and rules... and here, it's about to move into your 8th House of sex and other people's money. Because Pisces is a little more "loosey goosey" than the rest of the signs, it gives Saturn the chance to relax the reins a bit more than usual. For you, it will kickstart a new way of thinking about the "rules" of the bedroom. For example, maybe foreplay doesn't have to come first. Maybe foreplay can be found in silent meditation. (Because, Pisces... get it?) This is likely to rewire the way you think about sex from now until Saturn moves into Aries in May 2025.

Things are getting crazy when Venus turns retrograde in your sign on July 23. So, yeah, this transit is likely to hit you (and all other fixed signs) a little harder than most. But don't fret yet! If your relationship is great, then this Venus retrograde will prompt you to have conversations with your partner about how you are (or are not) able to shine. If your partnership needs to end, then a selfish (1st House) choice will need to be made to end it. If you're single, this retrograde may turn the spotlight onto you by asking, "How are you showing up in dating? Is it with your true, authentic self?"

On August 13, Venus, planet of love, and the sun, planet of self, connect in your sign—giving you extraordinary confidence today in romance. Go big or go home, Leo. This is the day for romantic gestures and rom-com marathons. If you don't have plans to go on a date, get them. You will shine.

An Aquarius full moon in your 7th House of long-term partnership occurs on August 31. If things in your partnership are not ironed out yet, they will be here. Topics regarding how you and your partner disassociate and lose touch with one another will come about. On the other hand, if you're single, you may find yourself feeling free to actually just be single, for once. It will be liberating, nonetheless.

Finally, on December 28, the planet of sex (Mars) and the planet of illusion (Neptune) will square one another in your 5th House of dating and your 8th House of sex. It could be that someone who isn't good for you is creeping into your schedule. And you're letting them because you're allowing yourself not to see the red flags. That may work for a little while, but it won't last, Leo!


On February 5, Venus (planet of love) and Mars (planet of sex) will square off in your 10th House of career and your 7th House of partnership. While you may want to rush home to your sweetheart, work may get the best of you today. Unfortunately, a project or impromptu call may take up more time than you hoped for.

On February 20, we'll see a new moon occur in Pisces—which also happens to be your 7th House of long-term partnerships. This poses a really great opportunity for you to meet someone new if you're single, or for you to revamp your relationship if you're partnered. In any case, we know you're not too mushy and don't care for surface level chit-chat that comes with dating. But today is not a day to bypass a date, Virgo. Go for it! (Don't forget to get a full moon reading for this moon, to see how things are really going to go down for you.)

You'll feel stellar about your bedroom skills when Jupiter (planet of luck) and the sun (planet of ego) align in your 8th House of sex on April 11. Jupiter not only makes things bigger, but it also brings plenty of luck... and the sun brings confidence. Basically, have sex. You'll feel good about it and your partner will enjoy your confidence.

To push sex matters even further, there's a new moon solar eclipse in Aries occurring in your 8th House on April 20. A new way of thinking about sex or using your body in sex is likely to happen here! Be open to new experiences and learning.

Things may be dandy in your love life up until Venus turns retrograde on July 23 and stays that way until September 4. And I don't mean in like a "breakup" or "drama" kind of way. In fact, this may be much more internal for you than external. Retrogrades make us think back... they make us nostalgic and encourage us to ponder what's missing. This is occurring in your 12th House of self-sabotage. So, it's a great time to recognize triggers or traumas that still need healing so you can approach your relationships in a healthy way.

On December 12, Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn—which also happens to fall in your 5th House of dating and fun. Dating just may not be "fun" these days. And this goes for singles and couples! The reason for that is because plans can easily get messed up during this time period. Try to loosen the pressure of your dates so you two can have a great time no matter what you're doing.


A great time to settle on labels and "move to the next step" in a relationship will be on February 16—perfect for Valentine's Day! The sun and Saturn are connecting, which sets up this lovey-dovey holiday to be more about commitment and finding common ground. Since it's occurring in your 5th House of dating, it's a great time to lay down the law with anyone you're dating. You deserve to be their one and only, right!?

On March 3, planet of love (Venus) and the asteroid of childhood wounds (Chiron) are connecting to set the tone for unresolved trauma that can bubble up. It's occurring in your 7th House of relationships and will heavily target not only your current partnership, but any unhealed issues from previous partnerships. If you're single, try to go easy on yourself. If you're partnered, let your S.O. know that you're bound to be a bit sensitive today. Every little rugged comment will hurt a bit more based on the nature of this transit.

As Pluto enters Aquarius on March 24, it's traveling right into your 5th House of flirtation and sex. Pluto rules sex and obsession, so you can see how this might bring some elevated authority to you in the bedroom. Remember that this is a generational planet, so it won't hit so hard. However, whenever Pluto makes connections to your natal planets, it will highlight your dominance (or confidence) in the bedroom.

On April 11, the planet of luck (Jupiter) and the sun (ego) link up in your 7th House of partnership. It's a prime time to go on a date because you will be radiant with personality and you're likely to get lucky and meet someone new.

Venus and Pluto make an opposition in your 5th House of flirtation and 11th House of friends on June 5. It could be that someone becomes more than "just a friend" here, or it could be that there's sexual tension between someone who is supposed to be a friend who actually is not.

As Mars (planet of sex) in your sign and Chiron (wounds) in Aries make an opposition in your 1st and 7th Houses on September 24, you're likely to feel a little out of your element. In fact, you may feel less confident about your skills in the bedroom during this time. Know that there are a lot of sensitive energies happening today that will affect your self-confidence. Try to be gentle with yourself.

Finally, the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus that occurs on October 28 is rattling your 8th House of sex and secrets. At a basic level, your operations in the bedroom may get a facelift. Out are the "old ways". But since eclipses deal with fated events, and full moons are about endings, there is likely a secret to come out about something you've been hiding. It may have to do with sex or money, but either way, it will likely be a reality check to your partner. Proceed with caution.


You've likely felt off your game for a while now, Scorpio. And I can tell you the reason why: Mars retrograde. Mars, planet of energy and sex, is not only your ruling planet, but it's been retrograde in your 8th House of sex since October 30. It's no wonder your sex drive has been low! Luckily though, Mars finally turns direct—and in your 8th House—on January 12. You're likely to feel a surge of sexual energy on this day and moving forward. Time to get busy!

And the sexual energy continues... On February 5, Venus (planet of love) makes a square to your ruling planet, Mars (planet of sex). This is all going down in your 5th House of dating and your 8th House of sex. Sexual tension is on the rise today and you'd do well to abide.

On March 7, the planet of rules and restrictions, Saturn, will enter your 5th House of flirtation and dating. Because Saturn is a bit of a downer, this planet usually brings restrictive energy. But in your case, it's going to help you focus on dating with the right intentions. Saturn in flowing, loving, Pisces will allow you to bring your guard down a little bit more so you're able to open up. If you're in a partnership, this will allow more vulnerability to enter your partnership.

Uh oh! Mercury, planet of communication, turns retrograde in Taurus in your 7th House on April 21 through May 14. We're all aware of the typical Mercury mishaps (miscommunications, delays, timing issues), but appearing in your 7th House of partnerships means all of that energy will be funneled into your love life. Hurrah! Get ready to be late or be stood up or totally miss a call from your loved one when you were waiting for it all night.

More relationship drama is bound to occur when the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus arrives on October 28. And guess what? It's happening in your 7th House of partnerships too. This is on the "life" part of the Taurus/Scorpio axis—suggesting that something will be revealed about your relationship that makes you consider what you're missing from your partner. How are they not fulfilling growth or abundance in your life? If you're single, this full moon may ask you to come to a drastic halt with toxic exes from the past. It will remind you what they are not fulfilling.


Love life has probably been slow and boring these days... which is a Sag's least favorite thing. And that's because the planet of action (and sex), Mars, has been retrograde since October 30. But on January 12, Mars will finally turn direct. And it will turn direct in your 7th House of love and romance. So, you're likely to feel much more motivated to get on the dating apps, attend first dates, or even take your partner out on a date.

The love planet, Venus, will make a square to the sex planet, Mars, on February 5. This is all going down in your 7th House of love and partnership and your 4th House of home and family. There's probably some tension between your partner and your family—both of whom are asking (*ahem* demanding) your time.

On March 3, Venus makes a conjunction with the North Node in Cancer. The Nodes of the moon bring about fated events. They are all about karma. So, Venus being the love planet, coming together with North Node of "future"—all in your 8th House of sex—suggests that some sexy time is in the making. You'll probably get lucky here!

Lucky you! Mars, the planet of sex, will enter Cancer and your 8th House of sex on March 25. You're probably going to get "in the mood" a lot faster as Mars travels through Cancer for the next month.

There's a lucky new moon in Gemini occurring in your 7th House of long-term partnerships on June 18. So, if you're single, you might not be after this new moon. If you're partnered, you are likely to find a new and improved way of relating to your partner thanks to the lively energy of Gemini. You two will fall in love again (Gemini's tarot card is The Lovers, after all)... act like kids again (Twins)... you get it! New moons bring those opportunities!

Finally, on September 24, the planet of sex, Mars, will make an opposition to the asteroid of wounds, Chiron—which is occurring in your 5th House of dating and your 7th House of long-term partnerships. Some wounds from dating or from early sexual encounters may crop up here in September. Approach them lightly and try to be as open and honest with your partner as possible.


The year kicks off with a full moon in Cancer on January 6—which means there's a full moon in your 7th House, Cap. If full moons mean endings, then it looks like a long-term relationship may end this month. This doesn't necessarily have to reflect your partnership (though it could), but it could also represent your friendships or long-term acquaintances. Someone's company just isn't cutting it anymore.

Venus, the planet of love and relationships, will be conjunct the North Node of fate on March 21—making it an extremely "fateful" day for love. For you, especially, because it's landing in your 7th House of partnership. If you're single, this could be the day you finally meet that someone special. If you're partnered, this is a day that may change your relationship forever.

Moving on to April 21, Mercury retrograde strikes again... but this time it's in Taurus in your 5th House of fun, sex, and flirtation. Double-check who you're sending that spicy picture to and perhaps double-check those sexts that you're about to send your boss instead of your girlfriend. This one will be a doozy for you in your dating realm—from lost sexts to accidentally standing up your date.

On June 5, Venus and Pluto are making an opposition in the sky, bringing power plays and obsession to our relationships. This aspect is happening in your 2nd House of worth and values and your 8th House of sex. And since Pluto is in your 2nd House of worth, you may be feeling a little like your partner is devaluing you or taking over these days. It's a day to stand up for yourself if you're not being treated right.

Venus (planet of love) and the sun (planet of ego) make a conjunction on August 13, which brings luck to your 8th House of sex. You'll be feeling powerful and attractive today. Put on some makeup, wear your best outfit, and work it. Your sex power is vibing today.

On September 16, Venus and Jupiter (planet of luck) make a square today in your 2nd House of money and worth and your 5th House of fun and flirtation. There's a possibility of spending too much on a date today. Remember that your income does equal your value as a love prospect! Slow it down.

Finally, on October 28, there's a full moon lunar eclipse happening in Taurus in your 5th House of dating. It can indicate that fateful "next steps" will be taken in your relationship. For example, a fortunate opening in your house so your S.O. can move in with you early.


If it's been hard to have fun with your partner or even go on a date, Mars retrograde may be to blame. This transit is the culprit of low energy and sex drive, and it's been moving through your 5th House of dating and sex. Coincidence? I think not. So, January 12, when Mars finally turns direct will give you a jolt of energy to have fun, have sex, and be a kid again. You'll be much more likely to swipe right now, Aquarius!

On February 16, the sun (ego) and your ruling planet, Saturn (structure), come together in your sign—giving you a massive confidence boost! This is a wonderful time to go on a date because you're feeling ready to give your life force (represented by the sun) and your sense of "self" will be highlighted during that time (represented by Saturn).

On June 5, Venus and Pluto oppose one another to bring power struggles between what you stand for and how far you'll bend for your relationship. Depending on where this falls in your chart will dictate in what way, but it's likely that you and your partner will not see eye-to-eye with something that is important to you. Remember this: What's important to you should also be important to your partner.

Ooof, Aquarius. From July 23 through September 4, Venus will be retrograde in your 7th House of long-term partnerships and love. Here are a couple tips: 1) Getting married right now is not advised. 2) Finding "the one" and going into a partnership with them is not advised. 3) Getting back together with an ex... also not advised. Of course, do what you want! But Venus retrograde is not a period to "do" things in partnership—especially if it's in your 7th House. As mentioned, this will differ based on everyone's chart, so it's important to check with an astrologer (*hello*) to make sure that this retrograde is moving through your 7th House. (For example, I'm an Aquarius sun and rising, but my rising is at the very end of the Aquarius threshold, so this retrograde is actually happening in my 6th House of work.)

On August 13, Venus and the sun make their annual meet-up. You heard me! This is a once in a lifetime conjunction that brings good luck in love all around. Since it's occurring in Leo in your 7th House of partnership, this is good luck central. I'm talking like: getting engaged. Something lovely will happen today for you and love. Sit back and enjoy :)

Love may take a wee turn on August 23, when Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo (i.e. your 8th House of sex). Technological glitches may occur when sending sexy texts, diving into the sexual world on the Internet, or potentially receiving unsolicited d*ck pics from unknown suitors. Ah, Mercury retrograde in the 8th is the best!


Well, first thing's first, Pisces... Saturn is moving into your sign! On March 7, the planet of rules and restrictions moves into your 1st House of identity and self. While Saturn isn't particularly happy while in Pisces, this kind of energy will be really great for you—in a relationship or dating. Since Saturn brings rules, and Pisces tends to lack boundaries, this transit will allow you to maintain a hold on what you need, want, and deserve in partnership.

Following this, on March 21, the planet of love (Venus) is making a connection to the North Node of fate in Cancer. This is a fateful day for love, and it's happening in your 5th House of dating and fun! Expect some serendipitous moments or even a fateful meeting!

As Mars enters Cancer on March 25, it's also entering your 5th House of dating. This gives you unstoppable sexual energy that makes you quite alluring. Use this to your advantage and go on a first date (or a fiftieth!). Your sex appeal is killer right now.

From August 23 to September 15, Mercury will turn retrograde in Virgo in your 7th House. This can cause some serious communication issues with your partner—such as mixed signals, missed texts, or moodiness that causes a random fight. So, try to take things slowly here. If you're single, it may be the case that you get a classic "How are you?" text from an ex. Proceed with caution, this is not a stable period!

On October 14, the new moon solar eclipse in Libra occurs in your 8th House of sex and other people's money. Libra is the "we" side of the "me vs. we" axis that is Libra-Aries. While it's very likely that you'll encounter beneficiaries willing to help your financial status, you may also see a fun opportunity in the bedroom where someone is willing to do more for you than usual. More than that, new moons are new beginnings, and Libra is about "us". So, a new chapter for you and your partner (or for you and someone you just met!) is definitely possible here.


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