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The Best Tarot Decks of 2020

Plus an oldie for good measure.

Looking for a new tarot deck? (Because, let's be honest: You can never have enough.) Whether you're a newbie, a novice, or a super witch, we've got the perfect, must-have deck for you this year. In this article, you'll find traditional and not-so-traditional tarot decks that have launched—or will launch—in 2020. (I'll admit though... there are a couple that have come out in the past year, and one oldie that I think should also be included in every "best of" tarot deck list.) And the best part is: They're all completely different. From unicorn decks to mystical LGBTQ decks, every deck has their own personality—just like you!

But before we embark on our magical tarot deck journey, I wanted to clarify one thing...

The Difference Between Oracle and Tarot Decks

Let's be clear: The decks listed here are not oracle decks. What's the difference you ask? Well, tarot mirrors the original Rider-Waite tarot deck: a 78-card deck divided into two sections (Major and Minor Arcana). The Minor Arcana has 56 cards and four suits—identical to a playing deck. The Major Arcana has 22 cards that symbolize more esoteric or karmic energies. Put the Major and Minor Arcana together and you have a traditional 78-card tarot deck.

An oracle deck is much less definitive. The best way to describe it would be this: If tarot decks were Nordstrom, then oracle decks would be an LA boutique. Tarot decks have a system, they have rules, and while not all of them look the same, they essentially follow the same cadence or branding idea. Oracle decks, on the other hand, play by their own rules and may be limited in their production.

For example, Kim Krans sells a wonderful oracle deck called the Animal Spirit deck. While it does have suits, it actually has five suits instead of four, and it does not have a Major Arcana section.

Without further ado, let's get to the newest tarot decks!

Top Tarot Decks of 2020

Crystal Unicorn Tarot

$29, Buy Now

As the name implies, this sweet deck has one focus and one focus only: unicorns + 💎 Not only will you see unicorns on every card, but you'll also find that crystals are very much woven into the making of this deck as well. Each of the four Major Arcana suits are represented by a crystal:

With unicorns and crystals filled to the max in the Minors, you can expect the same in the Majors. For the rest of the 22 cards, each Major is associated with a crystal.

P.S. If you love this, you might also love the Crystal Unicorn Coloring Book.

Star Spinner Tarot: An Inclusive, LGBTQ-Friendly Tarot Deck

$22, Buy Now

Launched: March 17, 2020

I find this deck super inclusive, inventive, and modern. With a collection of races, genders, and religions included, the Star Spinner tarot deck slays conformity in its tracks.

This deck is so non-conformist, it actually has 81 cards instead of the traditional 78. Why, you ask? To incorporate every type of relationship out there, the Star Spinner tarot deck has added three different Lovers cards. And I'm here for it!

The Muse Tarot

$24, Buy Now

Launching: April 7, 2020

This gorgeous deck is meant to be not only visually pleasing, but also helpful in your tarot journey. Muse Tarot's main idea is to get us thinking outside the traditional box. And for that reason, there are a couple things that differ from a traditional tarot deck.

For one thing, this deck represents the suits as such:

  • Cups = "Emotions"

  • Wands = "Inspiration"

  • Swords = "Voices"

  • Pentacles = "Materials"

Secondly, in order to instigate a unique learning process, the guidebook that comes with the deck offers poetry and writing prompts. This should help any newbie intuitively get to know their new cards.

In general, I think this deck lends itself to many new tarot readers who are just getting started in their journey (i.e. the dated looking Rider-Waite isn't as much of a shock).

Movie Tarot: A Hero's Journey

$14, Buy Now

Launching: October 6, 2020

For anyone with an affinity for movies, this deck is yours for the taking. It's well known that the Major Arcana is meant to represent the journey we have through life—meaning, we start young and naive (Fool), we explore life (Chariot, Lovers), we travel through hardships (Tower, Devil, etc.), and on our death bed, we end up with a vast subset of karmic knowledge (The World).

Now, imagine that journey... but through the presentation of your favorite movie characters: Start with Forrest Gump as The Fool, then move to Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption as Temperance, then on to Julie Andrews in Sound of Music for The Sun. It's kind of amazing to picture all the Majors like that, right?

Accurate AF Tarot Deck

$37, Buy Now

Launched: January 2020

This deck branches from the norm with its dream-like presentation and circular shape. When it comes to following traditional tarot deck "rules," this deck doesn't vary at all. What gives it weight is the round shape, similar to Kim Krans's Archetypes Oracle Deck that came out in October 2019) as well as the keywords provided on every card.

Ultimately, I think this is an ideal deck for a beginner reader who doesn't want to start with a deck that everyone else has (where my Aquarians at!?).

Simplicity Tarot

$44, Buy Now

Launched: February 2020

From the up and coming reader, Emilie Muniz, Simplicity Tarot is supposed to make tarot reading more fun than ever. For anyone new to tarot and not sure how to start reading cards, this deck is a great choice! The imagery is colorful and straightforward, and on each and every card, there are keywords so that you'll never draw a blank during your reading.

The Linestrider Tarot Mini

$12, Buy Now

Launching: April 8, 2020

From the popular Linestrider Tarot Deck, comes this absolutely adorable mini version. Take tarot on-the-go whenever you feel the inspiration.

The Dreamweaver Tarot Deck

$85, Buy Now

Launched: January 2020

So this vintage looking deck is definitely one of the most unique interpretations of tarot I've ever seen. The idea behind the polaroid photo look is that this deck is supposed to feel like nostalgia—it's supposed to feel as if you've stumbled on the inner enchantments of someone's past. Ultimately, their intention is to help you tap into your own subconscious by presenting the cards in such a familiar and inviting way.

Like other decks on this list, Dreamweaver Tarot has also reimagined the tarot suits. In this version, their suits look like this:

  • Wands = "Matches"

  • Cups = "Vases"

  • Pentacles = "Stones"

  • Swords = "Blades"

One thing I will say about the deck is that I don't think it would be great for beginners. With such an abstract concept, interpreting the deck is already puzzling enough even if you know what a tarot deck is meant to look like. It is quite a different path though, which I appreciate! For those readers looking to try something out of the box, this deck is it.

Tarot Gold & Black Edition

$39, Buy Now

Launching: October 8, 2020

If you're looking for a Rider-Waite deck that isn't so... dated... this is the one for you! This deck is a Rider-Waite look-alike but with more pizzaz. So, if you feel like you want to start with the OG deck, but you kind of hate to look at it—start with this pimped out version!

The Modern Witch Tarot Deck

$22, Buy Now

Launched: November 5, 2019

Here, we have another Rider-Waite look-alike, except this one features some more modern imagery. In fact, you'll find absolutely no men in this tarot deck. I mean, it is the modern "witch" tarot deck, after all! From motorcycle-riding chicks to mystical witches, you'll find every kind of badass woman in this deck.

Cats Tarot

$15, Buy Now

Launched: April 2, 2019

And you thought you saw it all. Cats Tarot is a traditional tarot deck with a purr-fect sense of humor. Follow the cats on these cards as they play and make mischief such as cats do. With Cups represented as water bowls, The Hanged Man as a cat stuck in a tree, and The Emperor imagined as a poor kitty in the "cone of shame," you can't beat the creativity that's behind this deck. I'm loving it!

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

$23, Buy Now

Okay, I know this deck didn't come out recently. (To be honest, this deck would be considered a "super oldie.") But I HAD to include it because it's my baby. (If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that!)

What I love so much about the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck is that the imagery consists of just animals. I don't know about you, but I really resonate with animals as opposed to people. Fairy people, witches, or even imagery of modern day people isn't really my thing. On that level, I've resonated with this deck.

However, I also LOVE the fact that it has a very simplistic and artistic vibe to it. You can tell that the cards are hand drawn and that most cards are black and white with just a splash of color. The elegance and simplicity of it all is really charming to me.


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