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The Crystal You Need Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

To help you live your best life.

Every sign has their issues—or what I like to call, "beautiful flaws." Gemini is notoriously anxious, Aries needs to learn how to let their anger go, and Aquarius needs to relax and let other people share some opinions. But for every quirky characteristic, there's a crystal out there specifically tailored to soothe that sharper edge. Here, I've gathered the perfect stone for every sign. With your stone in your pocket, around your neck, or simply in your hand, you can battle help shove those demons aside.

Aries — Amazonite

Aries Beautiful Flaws: selfish, attention-seeking, outbursts of anger, impatient, impulsive

Amazonite Healing: soothing, letting go of anger, banish negativity, seeing multiple perspectives

For the angry Aries, Amazonite can help soothe our emotions but it also helps us reach clarity in our minds. So, we aren't just able to calm down, we also understand why we're upset and (if others are involved) why the people around us are feeling certain ways. Overall, this stone can help you detach from that "me" train of thought and become a little more empathetic.

While keeping a stone in your pocket is always nice, as a busy on-the-go sign, you might benefit from a wearing an amazonite bracelet—so you always have that "cooling" energy with you.

Taurus — Labradorite

Taurus Beautiful Flaws: stubbornly routine

Labradorite Healing: aids in transformation/change, heightens intuition

For the routine-loving Taurus, massive life changes can be hard to deal with—simply moving across town can feel as uprooting as moving across the country. As a creature of habit, Taurus likes to make sure they know what's going to happen and when, but that isn't always possible.

So whenever something big happens, make sure you carry this holographic crystal in your pocket to keep you grounded. If you like the one in the picture, here's a perfect labradorite stone just like it. Another option for you—since, you likely sip on wine more than water—is a fancy looking labradorite crystal water bottle. It helps keep you calm while also keeping you hydrated!

Gemini — Dalmatian Jasper

Gemini Beautiful Flaws: restless, anxious, nervous

Dalmatian Jasper Healing: protection, relieves stress or pettiness, promotes loyalty

Because Geminis are always thinking, their mind tends to run from them and cause anxiety or fear of the future. Often this leads to restless nights. Sunday Scaries? You bet.

To ease those nerves before bed, hold a dalmatian jasper stone as you fall asleep. It works in a flash!

Cancer — Celestite

Cancer Beautiful Flaws: sensitive, non-confrontational

Celestite Healing: peace, harmony, mental clarity, activates the throat chakra

Cancers have huge hearts, but sometimes their empathetic nature can deter them from asking for what they truly want. In order to open up that throat chakra, hold or wear a celestite stone before any confrontation or important discussion. This will help you get your point across without "feeling bad" for stating your needs.

Leo — Amethyst

Source: Unsplash/Kali Neri

Leo Beautiful Flaws: overpowering, demanding, jealous, cold-hearted

Amethyst Healing: grounding, relieves stress, dispels mood swings

Leos can be fiercely loyal friends, but they can quickly turn on you if they feel they've been slighted. This trait lends them to become jealous or insensitive. Amethyst is often recommended to addicts for its grounding quality (it comes from the Ancient Greek word meaning "not intoxicated"). Because of this, it's also said to provide clarity of mind. Consider this similar to thinking "soberly."

So if you're feeling upset, before going down a path of no return, grab an amethyst (or wear an amethyst bracelet during tense conversations) to help you think logically before acting.

Virgo — Chrysocolla

Virgo Beautiful Flaws: Judgmental, overly analytical, critical

Chrysocolla Healing: increases ability to love, purifies energy, helps heal old wounds

Virgos are fickle people. They want everything to go as they imagine it in their minds: perfect. While their criticism comes from a good place, sometimes their words may sound a bit harsh during their quest for perfection. That's where a Chrysocolla stone, the stone of purification and healing, comes in handy. It can help you make sure your words are coming off as helpful instead of condemning.

This is a stone best to wear—like as a chrysocolla bracelet—when you're going through a rough time with someone and need a little assistance.

Libra — Black Tourmaline

Libra Beautiful Flaws: Superficial, impulsive, indecisive, self-indulgent

Black Tourmaline Healing: dispels fear, protection, reverts negative habits (such as overspending)

It's not your fault you dropped $360 on those unnecessary, gold-encrusted candlesticks, right? If you're a Libra, you've likely encountered this situation time and time again. Trying to break the overspending habit? Or just impulsive habits in general? A grounding black tourmaline is the perfect stone to keep around. As a natural protection stone, it keeps negative influences at bay so you'll have an easier time saying no! This doesn't just relate to spending habits—as Libras do have a tendency to yield to their partnerships more than their own needs.

An easy way to make sure you're always protected is to wear it on your body; this super adorable black tourmaline necklace is both protective and fashionable!

Scorpio — Blue Lace Agate

Scorpio Beautiful Flaws: unforgiving, spiteful

Blue Lace Agate Healing: communication boost, dispelling negative thoughts

As a passionate Scorpio, betrayal (or even the hint of betrayal) can throw you off the hinges. While you're quite a loving partner, this trait also tends to make you jealous or petty. To quell your anger before things get out of hand, choose a soothing blue lace agate to wear or hold. Its calming properties can help you accept your emotions in order to move forward.

Additionally, if you need help making a decision but don't want your negative attitude to get in the way, use this calming blue lace agate pendulum to help you decide.

Sagittarius — Moonstone

Source: Pixabay/Varga

Sagittarius Beautiful Flaws: impatient, brutally honest, argumentative

Moonstone Healing: stabilizes emotions, promotes peace, helps intuition

A great crystal to help quell a Sagittarius's overconfidence is moonstone. It's first and foremost ideal for balance. Keeping one around will likely help you calm down before things get out of hand. But also, due to its extreme feminine energies, moonstone helps even the most overconfident Sagittarius reach a level of empathy, to understand another person's perspective. The passion behind the stone also encourages Sagittarius to respond to others with sensitivity—as they can be a little too honest at times.

Try wearing moonstone earrings to keep that "feelings" energy going all day long.

Capricorn — Rose Quartz

rose quartz
Source: Pexels/Erin Profaci

Capricorn Beautiful Flaws: judgmental, a know-it-all, perfectionist

Rose Quartz Healing: Self-love, softer expression and emotion

While Capricorns expect the worst possible outcomes to happen to them, they only expect the best from themselves. (Makes it a little tough to succeed if you're always telling yourself you can do better!) To bring a little patience, self-love, and... simply love in general, rose quartz is wonderful to keep on hand.

One great thing about rose quartz is that you can wear or use it in a variety of ways! Holding a simple rose quartz crystal is great, but this stone comes in all sorts of products such as rose quartz facial rollers, rose quartz worry stones, and rose quartz crystal water bottles (this one might be the best for you since you're always on-the-go!). Whatever you pick though, you really can't go wrong with this healing gem.

Aquarius — Aquamarine

Aquarius Beautiful Flaws: Aloof, unemotional, detached, uncommunicative

Aquamarine Healing: courage, communication

As an Aquarius myself, I know that dealing with my emotions—or rather, verbalizing my emotions—is for some reason very difficult. Aquamarine helps channel clear communication and it also promotes self-confidence.

Whenever I'm in need of a boost to help get those verbal juices going, I wear my favorite aquamarine necklace. Side note: This stone is a must for safety when you're traveling overseas. And it also doesn't hurt that this green stone is also a good luck charm! Perfect for interviews 😉

Pisces — Pink Calcite

Pisces Beautiful Flaws: a little too sensitive, detached

Pink Calcite Healing: stabilizes emotions, aids in transformation (i.e. become the "new you")

Feeling particularly moody? Pink calcite is a great mood stabilizer. Not only does it help calm you down, but it aids in breaking long-standing emotional patterns. So if you ever feel yourself going, "I know from past experience this is how I react, and I know it's not going to help me," hold a pink calcite stone to let the "old you" fade away.



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