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An Intuitive Tarot Spread for the Scorpio Full Moon

It's the best time to connect your heart + intuition.

On Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 3:46 am PST, the Scorpio full moon will rise up in the sky. Coming after a pretty rough new moon in Taurus on April 22 (hello, moon square Saturn + moon conjunct Uranus!), this full moon shines some bright light on new beginnings.

There are a couple interesting aspects happening during this full moon:

  • SUN conjunct MERCURY


  • MOON trine NEPTUNE


With the sun conjunct Mercury (planet of communication), we're bound to feel much more talkative—particularly about our feelings, thanks to the opposition to the moon! Plus, as the full moon is in hyper-psychic Scorpio, not only are we feeling our feels, but we're also getting a huge intuition boost.

It's the best time to tap into what your gut feeling is telling you and speak your truth. Since Scorpio is a free-flowing water sign, one way to do this might be via creative pursuits such as singing, dancing, poetry, painting, or journaling.

All in all, get those emotions out, and use this tarot spread to do it:

Tarot Spread for the Scorpio Full Moon 2020

  1. My heart

  2. My intuition

  3. What my heart needs to say

  4. What my intuition is trying to tell me

  5. Best healing activity


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