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5 Easy Tarot Spreads for Love

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Love is the question atop most everyone's mind. When will I find love? Is true love real? Why hasn't he texted me back? Am I even in love?

And with all that, tarot can help. Here, I've come up with simple love spreads that anyone can do. I've tried to add spreads in here that would answer practically any love question, but I hope to keep adding to this list!

Now, I did write something on the top love tarot cards. But it's important to remember that those cards don't always have to be present to indicate love. Even if none of them show up in a spread, true love could still be present. It's all about interpretive reading!

Without further ado, let's get to the tarot spreads.

1) Relationship Analysis

When to use: Just dating, new relationship, crush—whatever!

The gist: Basically just a big pros and cons list.

1) Current relationship

2) How you view them

3) How they view you

4) The path you want things to go

5) The path they want things to go

6) What things are you understanding together?

7) What things aren't you seeing eye-to-eye on?

8) Is there long-term potential?

9) Advice

2) Heal My Relationship

When to use: In a fight.

The gist: This can help mend arguments!

1) Your view on the status of the relationship

2) Their view on the status of the relationship

3) What you need from them

4) What they need from you

5) One thing you can do for them that they would appreciate most

3) Ex Relationship

When to use: When you want to get back together with your ex.... 😬

The gist: Should you do it or nah? Here's the answer.

1) Your past relationship together

2) Your current relationship together

3) What went wrong

4) Has your ex evolved since then?

5) Will history repeat itself?

4) "Am I in Love?"

When to use: Falling in love

The gist: Are you in love?

Instructions: Separate the deck into Minor and Major Arcana sections. Shuffle both equally.

1) With this person, where am I on the journey to true love? [Pull a Major Arcana card]

2) How do I feel about them? Is this love? [Pull a Minor Arcana card]

5) Love Triangle

When to use: Choosing between two people

The gist: Who's best for you?

1) Relationship with Person 1 (should you choose them)

2) Relationship with Person 2 (should you choose them)

3) The best decision for you


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