With the current buzz around astrology, everyone wants to know what their chart means. Here, I'll cover six major parts of your birth chart. For each planet or sign, I'll give an in-depth description, explaining what it means and how its placement in your personal chart affect you. 


I will also include 5 of the top aspects in your birth chart and how they affect your approaches to love, career, and/or daily life.  




Sun sign (the self)
Moon sign (the deep, emotional self)
Rising sign (the mask)
Mercury sign (communication)
Venus sign (love, money, lifestyle)
Mars sign (action, patience, sex)

Top 5 strongest aspects (ways planets connect in your unique chart)



1) Your name
2) Your email
3) Your date of birth, place of birth, and *EXACT time of birth


*If you do not know your "exact" time, make the closest estimate. If you have no F*ing clue, it's all good! Just put down 6 a.m. as the time, and notify me that you don't know what your time is.

Birth Chart Reading

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