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Retrograde Reading (Mercury, Venus, etc.)
  • Retrograde Reading (Mercury, Venus, etc.)


    We've all heard of the dreaded Mercury retrograde. This reading dives into how the most recent retrograde will affect you. Not only this, but it will pick up on key dates to watch for as well as predictions for what's to come. 


    In this reading, we'll cover what themes this retrograde will bring, what to expect, and how to navigate it.



    - Mercury retrograde

    - Venus retrograde

    - Mars retrograde




    INSIGHT: Retrograde dates as well as themes via zodiac sign, House, + natal aspects in your birth chart


    KEY MOMENTS/ASPECTS: Important dates or aspects that will happen


    PREDICTIONS: Detailed descriptions of things that may happen during your retrograde experience



    1) Your name
    2) Your email
    3) Your date of birth, place of birth, and *EXACT time of birth


    *Exact time is best! But if you just aren't sure, please give me the closest time you have!

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