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The High Priestess II

High Priestess Keywords

Upright: Intuit, subconscious, truth, psychic

Reversed: Avoiding intuition, dishonesty

Planet: Moon

Numerology: 2

Element: Water

Next card: The Empress III

The High Priestess Meaning

It's to come to center and become one with "me."

As we move from consciousness (The Magician), we then start to create an awareness of "self" or connection to self (High Priestess). This, of course, comes before the ego (Emperor). So, The Empress embodies the number 2 for this reason: to connect "me" to the world around me.

As the moon's card, it is not only highly intuitive, it is also emotional. So, the key when you see The High Priestess is to think with your heart first. She asks you to forget the logical mind and listen to the internal desires.


Overall, the card asks us to become self-aware. It's like practicing yoga. It's time to come to center and become one with "me." 

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The High Priestess Upright

The High Priestess II.jpg

The High Priestess is intentional with her desires and her intuitive nudges. So, seeing her upright like this means it's time to either follow that desire or that nudge. If you have a "feeling" about something, now's the moment to take it. If the little voice in your head won't stop nagging you, now is the moment to listen.


Likewise, if someone else (who is not you) is nagging at you, you might consider shutting them out and listening to just yourself. The Priestess likes to seclude herself from the world. Because, really, you are the only one who has control of your own fate, right?

Ultimately, since the Priestess represents full "truth," this card can be associated with living your truth. Seeing it upright means that you're not living a lie. You're continually seeking what's best for you—not societally or monetarily, but spiritually.

The High Priestess Reversed

The High Priestess II.jpg

Come to center with yourself when you see this card reversed. With a reversal of a card so intricately connected you "you," it's clear that there needs to be some rekindling around how you connect with yourself.

This could be responding to how you approach your needs. Perhaps you're giving up boundaries, time, and energy to others who don't deserve it.

The card in this position could also be discussing an issue with following through on your intuition. (And in that way, following your truth). If you "know" what you should be doing, deep down, but you aren't following through on making that happen, this position tells you it's time to stop pretending like you don't see the truth.

Attempt to live in-the-moment. Use your heart to feel as opposed to thinking your way out of the issue.


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