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Justice XI

Justice Keywords

Upright: Ethics, balance, self-sacrifice, law

Reversed: Inequality, heart vs. head, uncertain

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Numerology: 2

Element: Air

Next card: The Hanged Man

Justice Meaning

Justice calls you to "do the right thing"—in whatever way your heart calls you to do.

Seeing as this card is represented by the number "two," there's an automatic sense of balance here. Think of duality. There's two sides to every story. There's two halves to make a whole. The very essence of being "whole" is to have both yin and yang. So, Justice knows that "justice" can't be served unless both sides are heard. 

This is also the second card in the second cycle of the Major Arcana. So, we might associate its energy with The High Priestess (II). While The High Priestess is about establishing consciousness, Justice is about using our "all-knowing" consciousness to make fair and calibrated decisions.


Seeing Justice appear after The Wheel of Fortune (X), it's like we're given a test (Wheel). And with that test, the Major seeks an appropriate response—based on how much you've learned already in the "hero's journey." This is the moment to trust your instincts and move forward with peace in your heart.  

Justice is represented by balanced and indecisive Libra. This zodiac sign is all about playing it fair. So, it's the perfect sign to represent the Justice card. But this may also be why we see the more negative sides to Libra come out with this card... such as doing things because it's what you're supposed to do, as opposed to something that would be unfavorable to those around you. 

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Justice Upright


Justice in this position is definitely a power move. There's strength in fairness—and this card suggests an energy that is as highly regarded because of its attention to every, single person. The kings and queens who are most loved are the ones who rule with a harsh fist, but who also show the people that they deeply care about everyone, regardless of class. That's the most Justice-esque explanation I can give you. 

So, in general, this card signifies a truly open mind—one that isn't colored by outside perspectives. On the flip side though, this card also likes order. So, it does show a certain submission to the natural order of whatever society its in. "Follow the rules, and all will be fine."


Since Justice is so keen on fairness, issues with law and order are always seen when it appears. It just depends on what circumstance you're reading it in. In a love reading, this would mean the power dynamics of the two at hand. In a career reading, this might mean that someone isn't treating you fairly at the work place. But this card could also refer to the very literal law. Perhaps someone is going through a trial and there are severe stakes on the line.  

Overall, when you need to make an important decision and the Justice card shows up, you must make that decision with caution. Ask yourself, "Will I be able to live with myself if I choose this path?" Justice is more about the ethics you set on your actions than the ethics of the community around you. 

Justice Reversed


In a reversed position, Justice always brings up the idea that our heart is fighting with our head. This card preaches doing the right thing. But what if "the right thing" is in direct conflict with what our heart knows to be right? An example of this might stem from politics. Perhaps you're faced with the decision to vote for your party or vote against it. In your head, you know that voting for your party makes more sense. But in your heart, you might think that this time, it's better to go with the other option. 

Another interpretation here is that you just can't decide what is right. This can be a card that appears when you aren't able to figure out where your head is at. 

Additionally, this can represent an unjust situation, either with the law or with human ethics.

And finally, this card can represent power dynamics that are uneven. Perhaps one person in a relationship has the upper hand over another. Perhaps a boss is holding your salary over your head. Whatever it is, someone is abusing their power. 


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