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How to Come Out of the Spiritual Closet

When I was a little kid, if someone asked me a question, I looked at my mom. When teachers asked for volunteers, I sank into the background. When the time came to present in class (or present anything anywhere, really), I felt physical anxiety. (And still do!) In fact, my natural tendency has always been to avoid attention and publicity (very sun in the 12th House of me). So, it may come to no surprise that when I picked up my first tarot deck, it wasn't with the intention of telling everyone I was different—because God no, who wants to be "weird," right?

For those of you reading this who feel the same way... nervous to attract attention to themselves, trying to sink into the background, fearful of judgment... I was there. And it certainly didn't make embracing my unique side any easier.

As I grew older, as I started my tarot business, I learned one trick to help me get over my insecurities. And after implementing it in my life, I've been able to totally embrace my tarot side with confidence and pride. What's the trick, you ask?

It's simple... Don't live in fear, live in spite of it. Like having your first child, you're never going to feel completely "ready" to let everyone know how different you are. That's just not going to happen. The only thing you can do is feign the confidence and make it happen.

Don't get me wrong: It can be really difficult to admit to others (and even yourself) that you're a tarot reader. The problem is: Until that moment happens, you won't be a real tarot reader. Embracing who you are is part of the process. By avoiding it, you're avoiding potential too.

So, put on a tough face, close your eyes, and GO FOR IT. You'll be amazed at the results.


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