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25+ Tarot Tattoo Ideas

Okay, I admit it: I'm thinking about getting a tarot tattoo. But like everyone else, I'm in need of a little inspiration. I tried to incorporate a bunch of styles in here—from delicate line drawings to thick, macabre designs. So, there's something for everyone in this list!

With that in mind, I've rounded up some of the coolest tarot tattoos I've found that mirror the likes of everything from the Rider-Waite deck to indie decks to personal takes on tarot.

1) 'The Moon' interpretation

2) Delicately drawn Priestess

This one is adapted by one of my favorite tarot decks: The Wild Unknown!

3) 'Three of Cups' flower child adaptation

4) If you're a Lover, I'm a Lover

5) Hang me

6) This is amazing

7) Star

8) Star Wars x Tarot

9) Tarot

10) The Sun is bright

11) Love the multiple cards

12) One Fool to another

An exact replica of The Fool from the Rider-Waite deck

13) 'Wheel of Fortune' without the card

Love the back tattoo placement on this one!

14) Another 'Wheel of Fortune' mimic

15) Love this

16) Moon and beyond

17) One last 'Death' interpretation

18) Seven of Cups interpretation

19) Making The Tower look gorgeous...

20) This is deep.

21) Love to see these two connect!

22) Justice is served

Taking inspiration from the Tattoo Tarot Deck

23) What a beauty

24) Loving Temperance in a different language

25) Absolutely gorg representation of The Star

26) Just the Sword


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