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Major arcana
tarot cards

This 22-card section of the tarot deck represents "major" life events and spiritual evolutions. Its entirety is supposed to signify "the hero's journey"—from naivety to spiritual revelation. These cards are the core essence of the tarot deck and are extremely important when learning how to read tarot cards. 

Major Arcana Meanings

Tarot deck

Major Arcana List

The Fool 0

The Magician I

The High Priestess II

The Empress III

The Emperor IV

The Hierophant V

The Lovers VI

The Chariot VII

Strength VIII

The Hermit IX

Wheel of Fortune X

Justice XI

The Hanged Man XII

Death XIII

Temperance XIV

The Devil XV

The Tower XVI

The Star XVII

The Moon XVIII

The Sun XIX

Judgment XX

The World XXI


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